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About Us

Founded in 1990 by Navy veteran Philip J. Trzcinski, closely held Composition Research Technologies is a leading developer and marketer of technologies that recognize, compose, transform, and archive high-volume transaction output documents, converting easily between imaged and readable formats.

Located in Southwestern Virginia, our customers are government agencies and the companies that serve them. In addition, we are proud to serve utilities, school systems, and financial, insurance, and health institutions.

Our many satisfied customers include the US Department of Defense, Regions Bank, Defense Accounting and Finance Service (DFAS), Defense Automated Production Service (DAPS), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the Florida Legislature, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, the State of Arkansas, Miami-Dade County, AdminiSource, Alltel, Underwriters Safety & Claims, Identitech, Optika, and OTG; references are available.

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OEM Agreement Signed. We have signed an OEM agreement with Edmond, Oklahoma-based Critical Technologies, Inc., to OEM the iMagio® Content Engine, the world’s most–flexible and –scalable database. The iMagio Content Engine enables electronic records management of very large document archives, up to petabytes in size. Documents composed and formatted by our Over-Site™ Suite can now be directed to high-speed production printers, e-mail, web pages, and direct to archive, where they are immediately available for retrieval on any web browser by any authorized user.

Critical Technologies, Inc.We specialize in serving government agencies and contractors. By their nature, these organizations face data scalability problems of all kinds. In order to support millions of documents, most databases require a heavy investment in hardware, infrastructure, and personnel in order to perform at reasonable speed. Because of its unmatched speed and scalability, the iMagio Content Engine dramatically reduces this investment. A single server, equipped with suitable data storage, can support a database of nearly any size. The database can be loaded at a rate of up to two million pages per hour, and everything on every page is indexed, including the positions of all data. Because the index structure is virtual, the iMagio Content Engine completely eliminates the expense and time normally needed to restructure a database for a new purpose. Retrieval time is extremely fast at all sizes. Documents are compressed and, combined with indexes, represent a footprint 32 percent smaller than the original document archive size.

We have integrated the iMagio Content Engine into our Over-Site Suite, offering licenses under the name ERM-Perfect™. The system is available for immediate delivery as software only or bundled with server hardware and a storage area network (SAN). The licensing model is flexible, ranging from limited-use terms to full corporate licenses. In addition, we offer complete professional services for integration of the product with other applications, training, installation, and development of specialized search front-ends.


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