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ERM-perfect is a breakthrough database technology that allows documents of all types, including printstreams, to be intelligently placed, stored, retrieved, and archived in a secure, encrypted repository of unlimited size, accessed with unmatched speed and with a minimum of fuss.

As a secure electronic records management (ERM) component of your organization’s document management system, ERM-perfect provides performance that you never before expected from a database system. It’s scalable—up to 16 exabytes. It’s fast at any size, and you can load up to a million documents per hour, regardless of format. It’s small—the database plus its index is usually much smaller than the source data itself. And when you change your mind, it’s virtual—no need to re-index to redeploy for a new purpose.

Unmatched Speed at Any Size

ERM-perfect’s search speed stays the same no matter what size the database is, in contrast to competitive document-archive systems: SQL cannot handle hundreds of billions of rows, and a multi-terabyte full-text database can take many minutes to return a search. ERM-perfect’s performance is fast across the size spectrum. Search terabytes in seconds.

ERM-perfect indexes the position of each datum on each page, thereby reducing search space by restricting the physical area of pages to be searched. It’s like flipping through pages knowing that what you're looking for is on the upper-right corner of the page. There is no need to spend time and money developing expensive reports in advance, as ad hoc locational searching is built in.

Archives for the HVTO World

High-volume transaction output (HVTO) publishers, such as government agencies and large corporations, print millions of pages per month using modern and legacy composition applications. With our Over-Site Suite and transformation technologies, we convert printstreams to Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. ERM-perfect indexes and stores the document in its archive, ready for web-driven or application-driven searches. ERM-perfect is also available pre-packaged in a standalone server and as a hosted ASP solution. Professional services are available to complete your ERM integration or to deliver complete applications.

Save 90 Percent in Deployment Time

Operation is simple, too. You start by loading the data, often at rates of up to a million documents per hour. All data and position information are indexed. No predefined structures; load the system in hours, not days or months. Next, define structures, all of which are virtual. Then, deploy in hours or days. As requirements change, new searches can be created in minutes.

Economical to Deploy

ERM-perfect runs on Intel® Core® 2 Duo processors under Microsoft® Windows Server 2003 R2. As with all databases, proper storage and channel selection are important elements of the system specification. Unlike SQL-based or full-text databases, however, ERM-perfect does not rely on iron for its performance, and even a heavily loaded deployment will require astonishingly little computing hardware, infrastructure, and management.

License pricing is based on the anticipated numbers of documents to be added monthly. Special licenses are negotiable.

Proven, Reliable

One financial services client manages about 15 terabytes of data-driven (e.g., customer account records) documents, nearly a billion documents and growing daily, with 3,000 users accessing the system via 500 predefined reports and, at any time, unlimited ad-hoc reports. This client's Compellent® SAN is serving 1200 MB/s. Another client, a major defense contractor serving government agency, adds 1.2 million administrative-department pages a month, about 50 gigabytes, using a single server. The time between calls to customer service is on average one year.