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Image-genius (TM)

Whether involved in a complex merger or acquisition, lengthy criminal investigations, or multi-party legal discovery, the conversion of historical image archives into intelligent formats and searchable, organized databases, all deal with millions or even billions of documents. In these important matters, time and cost are the enemy, as manual or semi-automated conversion of documents to a usable machine format takes many person-months or

Image-genius is built upon 25 years of document recognition and management systems invention and represents a radical change in the balance between knowledge worker and machine. Designed to be useful for large projects—millions or billions of documents—and ingesting and processing documents at a staggering rate, the system can shave months or even years off of major document-conversion projects. The output of Image-genius is an indexed database that contains all the information, in any form, found on each page, and presents it to your litigation support or other system for further use.

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