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The Over-Site Suite can provide print transformation, bursting, indexing, and pre- and post-processing. The resultant print files may then be routed to a virtually unlimited number of printers.

If desired, additional distribution can be undertaken via email or file transfer protocol (FTP), while providing tracking information, automatic file purging, web-enabled files for database usage and more.

Over-Site Suite diagramDocuments such as invoices, statements, accounting reports, merchandise catalogs, telephone directories, legal publications, and user's manuals can all be created without user intervention.

Output formats include Adobe Acrobat (PDF), PostScript, IBM AFP, Xerox metacode, XML, and HTML.

A Customized System for All Installations

Over-Site can be customized to fit each customer’s specific needs. This is done through a user-friendly program called the Over-Site System Generator, and customization can be accomplished by the customer without vendor support.

Whenever your unique requirements cannot be satisfied with System Generator, the Over-Site system supports custom processes that will then be executed by Over-Site. An optional SDK is available to create processes, or we can create them for you. Some examples of these functions are: file splitting, file parsing and external index creation, file sorting, folder creation, file manipulation, etc.

COM Interface

Use the built-in COM interface to further customize your installation via Visual Basic, Visual C++, or any other language that supports COM.

Automated Operation

By creating and designating any desired number of folders as hot or watched folders, Over-Site Intelligent Printing will monitor these folders at a user-defined interval. Should any data files be found in these folders, they will be moved for processing and distribution per pre-determined specifications.

The number of folders that may be designated in this fashion is virtually limitless. Should additional folders and distribution be necessary, adding them is a few clicks away.

A Solution for All of Your Document Needs

Over-Site can process documents of numerous types directly into any available format and automatically fulfill your distribution requirements.

Documents of the following type may be processed by Over-Site as inputs:

  • Mainframe line reports

  • Microsoft Word or Excel Documents

  • Adobe PostScript files

  • Any automated composition task*

  • Any printstream—AFP, PCL, metacode, DJDE

* Over-Site is tightly integrated with Datalogics’ powerful automated composition engine, Pager. By including this engine with your Over-Site system, any manner of automated composition may be done. Some examples are: green bar reports, technical manuals, accounting reports, user’s manuals, directories and law and legal publications.

Any and all of these tasks may be accomplished as an automated windows service or in point-and-click mode, as with any Windows application. After Over-Site is installed on your system, it becomes an integral part of Windows Explorer. Processing files with the point-and-click mode is as easy as launching Windows Explorer, pointing at the file to be processed, and the rest is automatic.

Over-Site MasterCD

Over-Site MasterCD allows for the transformation and automatic creation of CD-ROM masters with no manual intervention. The data stored on the CD is accessed by any desktop user by using a web browser. The stored format is Adobe Acrobat (PDF), and the free Acrobat Reader is all that's needed to view files.

Product features include:

  • User customization

  • File splitting

  • Automatic PDF bookmarks

  • Forms inclusion

  • Data Repurposing

  • Custom HTML links

Please contact us for more detailed information and product pricing.